Welcome to

Dreamland Maldives Resort

Baa Atoll, Maldives

The choice of the name Dreamland itself speaks of a deep desire to create holiday experiences that linger in the memory. Yes, it’s the Maldives -  a destination where the name is positively descriptive. But guests must still come away saying, I have been in Dreamland, and mean it just as metaphorically as literally.

The accommodations and amenities at Dreamland Maldives Resort will live up to the bold promise the name makes. Despite the relatively small size of the island, there is a lot to do at the resort, from water sports, wellness, to entertainment. The accommodation options are split between the beach and water bungalows.

The beach bungalows, with 78 sqm of floor space, can accommodate up to three guests. Wake up to the sound of rustling palm leaves, a serenade of chirping birds, and the inviting sight of your own stretch of white sandy beach mere steps from your front door. The vast ocean in the distance invites you to explore the incredible treasure of sea life it shelters.

If you have snorkeling as number one on your things to do once in the Maldives, then your accommodation option chooses itself. With the water bungalows, you have the lagoon and the ocean pretty much in front of you to snorkel or just take a dip in whenever you feel like it. Amenities for both the water and beach bungalows include attached toilet and bath, bathtub with hand shower (+ an outdoor shower), satellite television, and more. All rooms are stylishly furnished.

Also perfect for weddings, honeymoons, and anniversary celebrations, Dreamland is a perfect way to live out your Maldives holiday dream.